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Ruth Atkinson Lusby


​Ruth Atkinson Lusby

After more than 35 years practicing law and over 20 years as a mediator, I have retired. 

It has been a privilege and my pleasure to work with thousands of clients during the past 35 years as well as my professional colleagues who have made my career so rewarding.  Thank you to everyone. 

Here is list of legal and mediation resources which I hope you will find helpful if you are looking for a referral. Other resources of interest are available under the "Resources" tab.

Family/Divorce Mediation:

Maricopa County Association of Family Mediators


Maricopa County Superior Court Mediator Roster

Collaborative Divorce Professionals:

Collaborative Professionals of Phoenix

Best Legal Choices

Family Law Attorney Referral:

State Bar of Arizona - Find a Lawyer

Maricopa County Bar Association - Lawyer Referral

Lower Income Lawyer Referrals:

Arizona Bar Foundation  

Maricopa County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

Maricopa County Superior Court - Family Lawyers Assistance Project

​Law Help for Veterans

Law Help for Seniors