Mediation is a dispute resolution process in which clients jointly retain a single mediator -- a neutral, third party who facilitates a settlement negotiation with the clients.  The mediator does not act as a judge and does not make decisions.  The mediator may be an attorney, but the mediator does not represent either party as an attorney nor give legal advice.  Each client may consult with his or her own attorney to obtain legal advice, but attorneys generally do not attend the mediation sessions.  

Divorce is among the most traumatic events that people experience in their lifetime.  Crucial decisions are made during the dissolution of a marriage that may have long lasting effects on both spouses, and, if there are children, on the children as well.   Resolving conflict outside of court can ease the emotional and financial turmoil that may surround a divorcing couple.  

Mediation is a client-focused process and is a cost-effective option available to clients to resolve their disputes outside of court in a confidential, non-threatening atmosphere.   Mediation provides a safe environment in which couples may air their differences, identify their needs and interests, create parenting arrangements that are in the best interests of their children, and reach agreement about the division of their property and debts, and future financial arrangements, including spousal maintenance/ alimony or child support.

Advantages of Mediation:

  • Focuses on clients and children's needs and interests
  • Confidential process
  • Non-adversarial
  • Fosters cooperation to resolve disputes
  • Shared information
  • Minimizes financial impact on family
  • Cost effective
  • Self-directed outcome
  • Avoids court

Mediation is suitable for divorcing couples, but also for paternity cases, domestic partner disputes, modification or enforcement actions and other family law matters.

A list of mediation referral sources is available on the Home page.

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